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Hexichew - Chewable Focus Tool - Prism

Hexichew - Chewable Focus Tool - Prism


A funky chew and fidget toy in one. Approx 15 cm in total length. Six arms, 3 with balls and 3 with loops, allowing them to be linked to each other or link the same one by bending across. A robust item suitable for moderate chewers. 

The Hexichew is made of non toxic washable silicone, just like all our other items. It has been designed with bumps and ridges for sensory stimulation. 

  • Perfect for chewing to improve low muscle tone - suitable for mild to moderate chewers
  • Great for developing fine motor skills & hand eye co-ordination
  • Sensory stimulation with bumps and ridges
  • Tough when bent so ideal for improving hand strength and dexterity

As well as being ideal if bought in a pair, as the balls can be looped through the rings to give a hole other dimension to this toy.   The other design feature is with 6 arms you can place your palm in the centre and a finger between each arm and give it a wobble and it provides a lovely sensation. 

Prism is a bright, eye catching multicolor Hexichew.

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