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Chewigem Ambassadors

Our Chewigem Ambassadors provide an in-depth look into Sensory challenges and how these challenges can be alleviated. They come from all walks of life from across Canada, with varied experience and a wealth of personal knowledge. A big WELCOME to our amazing Ambassadors!

Meet Our Chewigem Ambassadors 

Cara is a Mom and Occupational Therapist

The most rewarding part of her career has been working with children with special needs. Her goal is to help families, caregivers and other professionals find solutions to help children reach their full potential.





Carl is a 40(plus)year old Married Father of Three

Carl has 2 girls plus an early teen years non verbal autistic son. He often includes how certain trips, events and products are affected by his son's autism.





Grace Brooks is a self advocate who lives with Bertolotti's Syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder

 Grace loves to create art and is always looking for new things to learn. She is a master organizer! Grace shares her experiences and knowledge of SPD through her YouTube channel and social media. She would love to connect with you!



Kelly Bron Johnson is an Autistic Self-Advocate, Writer, and Disability Accessibility Consultant

Her eldest son is Autistic and her younger, adopted son has FASD. Her goal is to help build a truly accessible and inclusive society, where people of all abilities can contribute and be accepted. She lives in Montreal and loves baking and gardening.

Instagram: @KBronJohn




Margaux is an Artist, a Writer, a YouTube creator

Margaux is a 29 year old residing in Surrey, BC. She enjoys retro things and loves selling vintage items she carefully curates. She is an Artist, a writer, a YouTube creator and an outspoken advocate for inclusion and rights for those on the autism spectrum. She also loves baking, cats and wandering new cities.