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Realm Rings - New Item!

This CHEWIGEM® pendent is a simple classic design, looped onto a cord which can be adjusted to the desired length. Beautiful polished finish. Flexible feel for that extra sensory experience. Rated as mild chew strength. Dimensions of this pendant: 5.5cm in diameter; 1.4 cm deep; 0.8 cm wide.


  • Lovely glossy feel, very smooth, so perfect for smooth sensory seekers
  • Great chew for mild chewers
  • Ideal fidget as lovely to squeeze
  • Improve hand eye co-ordination
  • Can develop low oral muscle tone.

The Realm Ring is a classic pendant that is certain to soothe the mild chewer!
Smooth flex feel, perfect for sensory seekers!

N.B Screen resolutions vary so the colours may be slightly different.
Marbled effect and mixed colours vary due to the manufacturing process, no two are exactly the same.