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Bubba Bag - Teething Products - Purple

Bubba Bag - Teething Products - Purple


When your baby is teething, it seems you just can't have enough items on hand for them to soothe those swollen gums. Bubba Bags add an extra dimension to teething products. Not only are the tools amazing teething products but also fun, interesting toys.

Made with the same FDA approved, BPA, PVC, latex, lead and phthalate free, medical grade, non-toxic, antibacterial silicone as our Chewigem line, you can be assured that baby can have a safe chewing experience. The silicone is soft and flexible, just right for young mouths.

This Purple Bubba Bag contains 4 teething items in a neat carry-all (5 toys in one):

  • A chunky set of car keys, great for reaching the molars
  • A chunky credit card with raised numbers, of which babies love the texture and feel
  • A small purse with bobbly bits, which soothe sore gums
  • A little person sized smart phone with raised and indented textures, great for imaginative play and chomping 

Toys are dishwasher safe or washable in soapy water and can be sterilized.

Toys are designed with a convenient slot to attach a lanyard (keys have a key ring), great for those excursions out of the house.

The Purple Bubba Bag is two-tone, thick, neoprene which is easily washable with a handle that is the perfect size for little hands to grasp and carry about. The bag will keep its shape and sits open for easy access to our great teething toys. 

 A great source of fun for your kiddo!


Our purple Bubba Bag Original includes 4 fun toys. They are made of the same soft, flexible non toxic, washable silicone as other Chewigem products. 

  • A chunky set of car keys - great for reaching the molars
  • A chunky credit card - with lovely raised numbers for rubbing and sensory input
  • A small purse - with ridges and nobbles
  • A silicone smart phone - great for chomping on with raised and indented textures.

Each toy can be looped onto a Chewipal or toggle tag strap. They have a custom slot for this. Great for taking out and about.

The neoprene bag keeps its shape and is a great way to store your chewies!

All toys carry the CE mark and everything is suitable from 0M+.  This was originally designed for  toddlers and babies, but our sensory audience want a piece of the action too!  It's just so darn cool!

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