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Chewigem chewing bangles help provide valuable sensory input into the jaw through chewing & biting. Especially rewarding for children and adults with special needs, autism and sensory processing difficulties, who seek additional proprioceptive input into the jaw. Each and every Chewy bangle is designed to look fashionable while discreetly serving your child's need to chew. Bangles can also be converted to a necklace by securely looping on a long black breakaway safety cord that can be cut & adjusted to suit. Due to the manufacturing process, slight colour variations may occur.

  • non-toxic and safe to chew
  • lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate free
  • hard wearing and tough
  • although not indestructible, more reassuring than chewing on unsuitable items that may contain toxins, be damaging to teeth or are expensive like clothing, school uniforms and books
  • stylish and discreet with varying designs and a wide range of colours
  • washable in a sterilizer, dishwasher or just hot water

CHEWIGEM® is designed for mild to moderate chewers. Due to the intended use of the product, wear and tear are expected and products should be checked routinely for damage and used with adult supervision. Discard and replace immediately once damaged. Necklaces are not intended to be worn by children under age 3 due to the concern of long cord strangulation. Clasps and ties contain small parts and may be a choking hazard and are not intended for chewing. This is not a toy."
N.B Screen resolutions vary so the colours may be slightly different. Marbled effect and mixed colours vary due to the manufacturing process, no two are exactly the same.