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Bermuda Bangles

The Bermuda Bangle is a sleek contemporary shape for the mature person with a need to chew. Suitable for adults, quite robust when it comes to chewing, but can also be used as a fidget toy or placed on a cord for a unique pendant. Contemporary design is stylish, looks amazing, while discreetly serving the need to chew. Bermuda bangles are larger child/adult sized: Internal diameter: 66mm, External diameter: 83 mm at widest point, Thickness: 16 mm at thickest part of triangular corner. Suitable for the moderate chewer. BPA, lead, latex, phthalate free silicone jewellery.

Discreet and fashionable perfect for school, work, and social occasions!
Bermuda's are adult sized!

Pair with Chewigems: Bubba Bangles, Miller Hearts and Eternity Pendants

N.B Screen resolutions vary so the colours may be slightly different.
Marbled effect and mixed colours vary due to the manufacturing process, no two are exactly the same.