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Watch out for Bogus Online Coupon Companies

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How frustrating! Bogus online coupon sites! 

Had a customer ask if she could redeem an online coupon on her recent purchase. We weren't sure which coupon this might be as we currently had no active promotional coupons. Checked out the company offering the 18% discount on all our products. Problem was it wasn't one of our coupons and the company creating these fantastic savings is not authorized by ChewigemCanada to create and market any coupons for us.

Be very wary of these companies.

The one that is misrepresenting us on this occasion is called Vouchers*Discountcodes. Seem to be a UK based company. Really enjoyed the white space of nothingness under their Legal Notices and General terms of use tabs, no info, looks legit!  Seems to also have an amazing list of companies offering incredible coupon savings on everything but I can almost guarantee that most of them are fraudulent.

Just so you know, we only sell in Canada and would not use any online marketing company (not associated with Chewigem) outside of Canada. I actually was kind of impressed by the coupon offered in Euros though, with our sliding CDN$ and all, would be happy to be paid in Euros (but it is not legit)!

Sorry, but we cannot honor these coupons. Again, be wary and let us know if you come across any other suspect offers!

Carla and Linda

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