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Link - Chew - Fidget - Introducing Hexichew!

Introducing Hexichew - The toy that is safe to chew!

The design team at Chewigem realized that those with the need to chew will often chew on anything that is in their hands - many of those items would be fidget toys provided to calm and relieve anxiety.

What if they could come up with a toy that was fun to fidget with - giving the perfect outlet for that anxious energy - but was also safe to chew on? 

Hexichew was born!  Hexichew is a funky chew and fidget toy in one.  With six arms, 3 with balls and 3 with loops, Hexichews can be linked to each other or link the same one by bending across. 

Not only is Hexichew great for kids, adults, teens who have the need to chew, they also make an intriguing teething toy for babes. Eye catching colors, bumps and holes for grabbing make Hexichew a unique, interesting and safe toy for the littles.

Hexichew is made with the same high quality silicone that Chewigem & Gumigem products are comprised of:  FDA approved medical grade silicone that is lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate free. They are completely non toxic. Silicone is ideal for our products as it's odorless, tasteless and will not support the growth of bacteria or mold. This provides peace of mind knowing that strict safety standards have been met and are adhered to.

A fun & safe way to keep hands busy!

+ Perfect for chewing to improve low muscle tone - suitable for mild to moderate chewers
+ Great for developing fine motor skills & hand eye co-ordination
+ Sensory stimulation with bumps and ridges
+ Tough when bent so ideal for improving hand strength
+ Ideal fidget either alone or link two together.

Hexichews can be found exclusively at the following retailers that carry our Chewigem line. 

Fantaztik Learning Store in Lethbridge AB

Special Finds in Stittsville ON

Special Needs Toys Pickering ON


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